2. Authentication

2.1 Introduction

Authentication process is as easy as it can get. Once you sign up for Sekuritance, you will receive a Username and a Password. You can use your Username and Password to authenticate your account and retrieve an Access Token.

The main reason for authentication is to protect the data. In modern days unauthorized penetrations in the system are very common which makes the authentication an essential part of an API. We, as company, want to make sure that each and every step made here must be secured.


2.2 Request Access Token

Endpoint is something that you must require to make a request. This is a kind of destination place where your request will land and then processed. Make sure while requesting that your endpoint is correct otherwise you will not get the desired response.

EventRequest TypeEndpoint

Request body parameters

Request body parameters comes along as the important part of the request. Make sure you have the valid information in these parameters otherwise you will get an error in response.

Login CredentialData TypeRequired

2.3 Responses

Response Codes With Description

Response CodeResponse Description
200Login Response
404Not Found