3. MPI Service

Set of API endpoints for checking card 3D Secure enrollment and the status once the end user completes the process

All the data which is provided in our API services is very confidential and must be be handled carefully so that it is only accessible to the authorized persons. MPI service makes sure that card details and other important information provided in response must be given to the licensed person.

Steps to use the API

1. Preauth call is used to:

3-D Secure v2 is used determine if card in enrolled or not.
To determine the 3-D Secure v2 protocol version.
To determine if the 3DS Method is required, must receive 3-DSMethodURL.

2. Perform 3DS Method if threeDSMethodURL was included in the /preauth response.
3. Perform an authentication using the /auth endpoint call:

You must include the threeDSServerTransID from the /preauth request in your message.
You must set the threeDSCompInd to Y if the 3DS Method call was successfull, otherwise N.

4. If transStatus is C, perform a challenge flow on the cardholder device.
5. Retrieve values from the /postauth endpoint after challenge flow has completed.